"Urban Theatre...Broadway Excellence!"


We provide our fans worldwide with an urban theatre experience that rivals the excellence of Broadway theatre.  We always produce high quality urban stage plays with solid storylines, excellent production quality, and trained professionals.  To bridge the gap between urban theatre and Broadway. 



We create high quality original urban stage plays that entertain, enlighten and inspire our audience by collaborating with creative arts professionals who use their talent to positively influence urban culture.  


For decades urban theatre has thrived in the black community with little to no crossover power.  Critics have not favored the stage plays written, directed, produced and performed by black artist.  However, the black community has supported its own and enjoyed seeing representation of themselves and their stories on stage.  It is critical that urban theatre continue to make a mark in the black community and it is also time to raise the bar of excellence.  Our voices are essential and they must be heard by those inside and outside of the black community.  Operating in the utmost integrity and honor for our craft is without a doubt our top priority.  Each production must be approached and completed in the spirit of excellence.  Excellence is going the extra mile, formally studying the craft, earning a degree of expertise in the field, and working with other professionals to present theatre at the highest level of quality possible.  There is plenty of room for black art to receive the honor and recognition that it rightfully deserves.  We are here to fill the theatrical space of excellence we belong in.